Can I repost articles?


Yes, so long as you do not modify the content, you attribute it to us and you link back to our site.


Who is responsible for contributed content?


The authors of content submitted are solely responsible for the content. assumes no liability for submitted content.


How can I submit content or a story idea?


We love to hear from you. Write us at Make sure that what you send us your work and if you quote others that you give proper attribution. But remember, if you submit it, assume we may edit it and use it. That’s why you sent it to us, right? Include your real name and contact information, the first so we can give you proper credit for your work, the second so we can contact you if we have any questions.


What if I have comments, criticism or suggestions for the site?


We’re here to provide a virtual community for you. Critique away! Write us at


Is there a letters to the editor section?


Yes. We call it Your Thoughts. Submit your letters to the editor to Include your real name and contact information (we’ll publish the former but not the latter) in case we want to reach out to you for more information.


Why does it sometimes take time for my comments to appear?


First time you comment we review what you submit before we post it. Once you are a trusted user, we’ll post your comments automatically, but we reserve the right to remove any objectionable comments at anytime. We don’t promise, though, that we can read every comment posted and we assume no responsibility for what you write.


What if I see my copyrighted content posted on your site? respects intellectual property. Contact us at if you see your work appearing on our site without your permission. We’ll be happy to promptly remove it.


Are there rules for posting comments?


Yes. is a news, information and social networking site that’s designed to promote conversation in the Jewish community. While we encourage the expression of multiple points of view, we want this to remain a safe and unthreatening environment for all. So, personal attacks are out. So are threats or advocacy of violence. Don’t use profanities either, children and adults who may be offended by such language read this site. You also can’t impersonate someone else when you post with us. Use good judgment when you post comments or submit content. If you don’t, and we see it, we will remove it.


What if website goes down?


The site is hosted by a major service that has a great track record for keeping sites running. But some things are out of our control, and, the Internet being the Internet means that sometimes there are technical glitches. We can’t guarantee the site will always be here. But we promise that if there’s ever an interruption, we’ll work diligently to get things up and running again.


Do you respect my privacy?

You bet we do. We won’t sell or share your personal information. Unless we’re compelled by law, that is.


Will contact me?

You may get breaking news alerts or news digests from us from time-to-time. We may contact you with offers and announcements of chats, programs, events, etc. But you can opt out at anytime by letting us know at Make sure when you contact us you use the email address we’ve been sending the alerts to or else we won’t know what email addy to remove.


I see you often link to other sites. Does that mean you endorse them?

No. We link to give proper attribution and to help you reference related materials. But we don’t have any control over what appears on other sites. We’re not responsible for that content, nor do we vouch for their accuracy.


Can these Terms of Service change?


They can, and without notice. So feel free to check them often.




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