The peacekeepers of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) are increasingly coming into hostile and even violent contact with the Hezbollah terrorist militia near the Lebanon-Israel border. The Lebanese troops who had taken control of the border after the last war in 2006 have largely been redeployed as a result of mounting tension on the country’s eastern border due to the ongoing Syrian civil war. Read more at Israel Today.

Egypt sealing terrorist tunnels

New indications today that Egypt is working to improve relations with Israel – relations that were strained when Israeli troops in high pursuit of Palestinian terrorists following an attack on a bus chased them into Egypt resulting in a firefight with Egyptian security personnel.

Egypt is sealing tunnels terrorists have been used to sneak, via Egyptian territory, weapons into the Gaza strip.

It is also fortifying security around the Israeli Embassy in Cairo.

Iran ups Red Sea ante

Iran is responding to the Israeli deployment of naval vessels to the Red Sea by dispatching one of its own warships and a submarine into its waters.

Israel is strengthening military assets along the Egyptian border following intel that suggests that additional attacks by Palestinian terrorists, making their way into Israel from Egypt, are planned.

Israel is also allowing limited Egyptian troop involvement in the Sinai because terrorists are using it for a jumping off point to attack the Jewish state.