Israel fears arming Gulf states against Iran could topple its military superiority

Saudi fighter jets
Saudi fighter jets

President Obama is hell bent on inking a deal with Iran over its nuclear weapons program. Israel is not the only country in the region that is dubious and concerned. So are the Gulf states. Washington’s response is to up military armament assistance to those nations. But Israel’s defense minister is saying, that may not be such a good thing. Because it could tip the military balance of powers in the region. Click here to read the story.

Israel, Saudi Arabia holding secret talks



The aren’t exactly friends. But they share a common concern. Iran. That’s why Israel and Saudi Arabia have been holding secret talks to discuss Iran’s nuclear program. And what to do about it. That according to Dore Gold who Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has tapped to be director general of Israel’s foreign ministry.

Saudi Arabia launches airstrikes in Yemen; is Iran next?

Saudi Arabia says it is defending the legitimate government of Yemen. And is conducting airstrikes against rebel positions near that nation’s capital. The Saudi ambassador to the United States says this military action will be limited in scope. But it raises the specter of possible Saudi involvement should there be a military strike against Iran to prevent it from completing its nuclear weapons program.

Report: Saudis prepared to help Israel attack Iran


Israel is becoming increasingly frustrated with the United States over negotiations aimed at mitigating Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Jerusalem is clearly not confident that if the so-called “line in the sand” is crossed by Iran – where negotiations have failed and intervention is necessary – the U.S. is really prepared to do all that it can to prevent Iran from putting it’s nuclear weapons program on line.

Now a report that says if Israel is forced to attack, it will not have to go-it-alone. Because, according to the report, the Saudis are prepared to help Israel if an attack on Iran is necessary.