Israel’s defense minister: Palestinians inciting Ramadan violence

Moshe Ya'alon

“The terrorist attacks over the past two weeks, Palestinian attacks, are the result of incitement, which has increased over Ramadan,” Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Wednesday.

 Speaking at a conference hosted by the Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center, Ya’alon said, “Unfortunately, the atmosphere during Ramadan [the Muslim holy fasting month that began on June 18] is one where incitement is not directed solely against the State of Israel and Jews, but also against the West. In the Palestinian arena, this leads to stabbing and shooting attacks, and while we don’t know who was behind them at this point, it is very likely they were the work of [terrorist] groups.”

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Rocket attack prompts Israel to cut back on Ramadan privileges for Gazans


Photo of Ramadan prayers at the Al Aqsa Mosque by MuslimTV Monde
Photo of Ramadan prayers at the Al Aqsa Mosque by MuslimTV Monde

Israel had opened up its borders to Muslims in the Gaza to allow them to come to the Dome of the Rock to celebrate Ramadan with family. But some of the Ramadan concessions are being rolled back in light of the latest rocket attack from Gaza. The Israeli government announcing it is cancelling the permits of 500 people wanting to travel to Jerusalem. Click here to read the story.


The leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood on Monday ruled that pious Muslims are permitted to break the fast of Ramadan in order to take part in the “jihad” to regain control of the country.

In a series of messages posted on the Internet, Muslim Brotherhood chief Mohammed Badie stated that on the anniversary of the historic Battle of Badr (July 26), a new historic battle would be waged to reverse the recent ouster of President Mohammed Morsi and the Brotherhood.



The Anti-Defamation League is condemning a mini-series being broadcast around the Middle East during Ramadan that depicts Jews as the enemies of Islam and employs anti-Semitic stereotypes such as Jewish greediness and large-scale conspiracies.

The series — titled “Khaiber” and airing on the satellite network Dubai TV, the Algerian 3 station, and Dream TV — focuses on a conflict between Muslims and Jews in the city of Khaiber.


Ramadan fails to curtail Syrian violence

Government forces in Syria are launching all-out counter attacks in the capital to reclaim districts held by rebels. But the country is now facing a new, religious front. It’s split over when to start marking the Islamic Holy month of Ramadan.

It’s meant to be a time of peace and prayer in the Muslim world – but Syrians have little hope it will help curtail violence.