An Israeli attack on Iran nuke facilities may be inevitable

Arak heavy water reactor2


An Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities is now absolutely necessary from a defensive military aspect. Otherwise the state of Israel faces another Shoah disaster of unimaginable proportions.

It is also absolutely necessary if there is to be an enduring and feasible peace solution in the troubled area.

Israel has the political handicap of a passive and indifferent president in the White House who will never attack Iran. No other Western government or coalition of countries has the political will or desire to attack Iran. Mindful of Israel’s unique heritage and biblical traditions, hawkish Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a long time advocate of dealing with the Iranian threat, may find that there is no option left for him on the table, but to attack Iran.

By attacking Iran now, Israel could well resolve many problematic issues in one clean fell swoop. A successful IDF strike on Iranian nuclear assets would:

  • Change the dynamic on the ground in the Middle East, curtail Iran’s expanding hegemony in the Middle East and could well be the catalyst for the liberation of the good and long suffering people people of Iran under the tyrannical President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and hardline Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
  • Drive a nail in the the runaway train bandwagon towards a Palestinian state at the UN in September.
  • Preserve the state of Israel and free the Sunni states like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Emirates from nuclear blackmail and intimidation from from a nuclear empowered Shia Iran.
  • Engender broad bi partisansupport in the Congress and Senate, as a nuclear Iran would pose a clear and present danger to American strategic interests in the Middle East and would create an imminent threat to mainland America itself, as Iran seeks to produce inter continental missiles capable of reaching American shores.
  • Reposition Israel as America and the West’s greatest ally in the Middle East, that “shining city on the hilltop” and beacon of democracy and justice in this vital strategic region,  from which it could continue to thrive and prosper on its vast economic and mineral wealth both onshore and offshore.

Peter Paton is an international PR and strategic adviser.