Effort underway to block Iran nuke deal


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says they’re close. Very close. To reaching an agreement. Six Western nations with Iran. Over Iran’s nuclear program. But there is skepticism, fear and distrust by the Israelis. So much so that there’s a massive effort to win some Democratic votes over to the Republican side. To insure that any measure blocking an agreement in Congress is veto-proof.

Trita Parsi, President of the National Iranian-Council says, thus far, there aren’t enough votes to override a presidential veto. But that could change during the prescribed review process.

“Who knows what will happen over the next 30 or 60 days,” he says.

Obama loses confidence over nuke deal


President Obama says the chances of a nuclear agreement with Iran  are at “less than 50-50,” even as he worked to reassure Senate Democrats that he won’t accept a bad deal.

The president sounded a fresh note of pessimism as the nuclear talks in Vienna missed yet another self-imposed deadline — and as his administration has sought to refute accusations that it is desperate for a deal. “He said the chances he thought were less than 50-50 at this point and that he wouldn’t agree to something he thought was weak or unenforceable,.” said Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) who was at the meeting where Obama expressed his doubts

Israel upset over possible lifting of sanctions, Iran’s supreme leader’s not overjoyed either

There’s talk about the possible lifting of sanctions against Iran. Something Israel says is not a good idea.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says, the fact that there’s a road map toward lifting of sanctions should there be agreement – doesn’t mean anyone is close to signing anything, yet. He says the talks could go “either way.”

Meanwhile, Iran’s supreme leader says the talks really have nothing to do with his nation’s nuclear aspirations. But a devious plan to rob Iran of “civilizational position.”

But Iran’s foreign minister says a final deal is closer than it’s ever been before.

The negotiators continue to meet in an attempt to do just that.

A senior negotiator on the iranian side says, all sanctions should be immediately lifted if an agreement is reached.

Still waiting for a breakthrough in Iran nuke talks

2015-07-02 11_20_24-Kerry says Iran nuclear talks 'making progress' - YouTube

Britain, France, Germany and the European Union all said on Thursday that a final nuclear agreement with Iran is not yet guaranteed, with some key political questions still unanswered.

The two-year diplomatic effort has entered its endgame, now two days past a self-imposed deadline for world powers and Iran to reach a comprehensive accord which will govern Iran’s nuclear work for over a decade

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Iran nuke talks extended until July 7


The U.S. delegation to the nuclear negotiations with Iran in Vienna announced Tuesday that the terms of the interim deal set earlier this year would remain in place for another week, to allow an extension of the talks on a comprehensive agreement until July 7.

Iran and the world powers were meant to have reached a final agreement by June 30, but it became clear over the last few days that the talks would be extended. Click here to read the story


Jindal: A deal with Iran could start a Middle East nuke arms race


Republican presidential aspirant Bobby Jindal has asked his fellow Republican leadership in the Congress to reject a nuclear deal with Iran, saying any such deal could start arms race in the Middle East.

“One, they should absolutely reject it (nuclear deal). Congress made a huge mistake in the bill they passed giving away some of their oversight authority,” Jindal told Fox News. Click here to read the story.

Ya’alon: They may not meet the deadline but there will be an Iran nuke deal

Moshe Ya'alon

The world powers and Iran are headed to a nuclear agreement, even if Tuesday’s deadline is not met, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said on Monday. Ya’alon, at a briefing in his Tel Aviv office with diplomatic reporters, said that despite some last minute delays, the negotiations were not on the verge of collapse. “What is clear is that this is a bad agreement,” he said. “After it is signed we will have a nuclear threshold Iran.” Click here to read the story.

Photo by Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center

Iran: Few gaps in nuke talks but they are big ones

2015-06-26 10_25_29-A Conversation With H.E. Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif - YouTube

As the deadline approaches for a deal with Iran over that nation’s nuclear program, Tehran says there are but a few issues to iron out. But, those issues are pretty significant. A member of the Iranian negotiating team tells Iran’s official news agency those differences are substantial and essential. Reportedly including the timetable for the lifting of sanctions and inspections of Iran’s military facilities. Click here to read the story.