IDF: Deadly, regional Middle East war possible

IDF soldiers on guard Arab Quarter, Jerusalem. Daniel Roy photo

The deteriorating relationship between Israel and Turkey is leading to a destabilization of the region which could lead to a horrific Middle East war with multiple casualties and the use of weapons of mass destruction.

That analysis comes today from IDF Major General Eyal Eisenberg.


IDF ambulance attacked

In response to reports of a serious car accident on the road toward a Palestinian area in Judea and Samaria, IDF paramedics sped off in order to aid the injured. Their mission came to an abrupt halt, however, when they were attacked; a Molotov cocktail was thrown at the ambulance they were riding in. Undeterred, they continued on their mission: to provide emergency care to all residents of Judea and Samaria, whether Israeli or Palestinian.

IDF preparing for UN Palestinian state vote


JERUSALEM – The Israeli army (IDF) has been busy procuring new weapons for its soldiers in preparation for the aftermath of the Palestinian Authority’s unilateral statehood bid in September.

It is widely expected that after the Palestinians petition the UN to recognize a Palestinian mass popular violence will break out against Israel.

If the UN votes to recognize “Palestine,” most Palestinians want their own armed forces to sieze territory from Israel, including eastern Jerusalem.

If the UN rejects the bid, Israel believes the various Palestinian terror groups will launch a new intifada (terrorist uprising).

In either case, Israel knows all too well how the international community will respond if the Jewish state uses deadly force to defend itself.

As such, the IDF is distributing weapons with reduced lethality to front-line units. Among these weapons is a new receiver for the standard-issue M-16 assualt rifle that allows it to fire 0.22 mm rounds, which are not lethal from long distance.

Israeli snipers will also be issued non-lead impact bullets that do not penetrate skin, but still deliver a painful blow.

The army is also preparing to deploy new non-lethal weaponry, including the “Scream,” which uses bursts of sound to disorient rioters, and the “Skunk Bomb,” which needs no explanation.

Despite Israel’s extensive and costly efforts to avoid casualities in the expected coming violence, precedent suggests that the international community will still find an excuse to blame Israel for the situation.

Article courtesy Israel Today Magazine.

Flotilla participants not all peaceful

The flotilla that’s setting out from Greece in an attempt to break the Israeli blockade of the Gaza is not just comprised of peaceful humanitarian activists, the Israel government warns.

According to the government, several are known Hamas members and intelligence suggests that chemicals may have been stowed aboard the ships to use on the IDF when they interdict the flotilla. And interdict they will. Israel’s security cabinet has authorized the IDF to prevent the ships from reaching the Gaza.

A former Israeli citizen who is supporting the effort alleges that at least one of the ships still docked in Greece was intentionally damaged.


Will second flotilla remain non-violent?

Free Gaza Movement photo

The organizers of the flotilla planned for later this month – a flotilla which will try to break the Israeli blockade of the Gaza, say they plan on keeping things non-violent.

But, as we saw last year when the first flotilla tried to penetrate the blockade, the IDF was met with resistance and things got out of hand – fatally so when the commandos used force. Not only were there deaths on the Mavi Marmara, but the images and commentary that followed the incident wounded the public perception of Israel.

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center is warning today that the next flotilla, which the Mavi Marmara will be part of again, has all the makings for another violent confrontation.

The Israeli Navy has been training for what may come when it intercepts the flotilla again. If it sails, because there are some last minute attempts by the government of Turkey to prevent it from setting sail from there.

The United States is trying to pressure Turkey to do just that, prevent the flotilla from leaving port. U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) said in an interview that Ankara will be held responsible if it sets sail and violence occurs again. Kirk is labeling the group who is behind the flotilla a “terrorist organization.”

Golan Heights demonstrators reportedly paid

Israel Today

JERUSALEM – The protesters who marched on Israel’s borders Sunday in which Syrian media reports claimed the lives of nearly two dozens Syrians were reportedly paid to try to encroach on Israeli territory.

According to the Syrian opposition, the regime in Damascus paid poor farmers $1,000 to cross into Israeli territory and harass the Israeli army. It is alleged that the government promised an additional $25,000 to the families of those killed.

The Reform Party of Syria wrote on its official website that Syrian farmers make less than $200 a month, so many were tempted by the offer. And, if Syrian government media is to be believed, at least 23 paid with their lives for accepting the bribe.

Israeli army officials said very few of the Syrian demonstrators were actually injured or killed by Israeli gunfire. Most were the victims of clearly marked minefields stretching along the border region, the IDF said.

The Reform Party of Syria was furious with the President Bashar Assad for sending the farmers to their deaths, and accused the government of trying to create a diversion to take international focus off of the bloody pro-democracy uprising taking place there. Thousands of Syrians demanding democratic freedoms have been massacred by government forces.

The largest march on Israel’s borders marking the anniversary of the start of the Six Day War in 1967 – which the Arabs refer to as “the Setback” – was to come from Lebanon. But it didn’t materialize.

Early estimates were that upwards of 100,000 Lebanese would try to cross into northern Israel. But the Lebanese army prevented most from reaching the border region.

The Palestinians were only slightly more enthusiastic. Palestinians clashed with Israeli soldiers north of Jerusalem, carrying signs that read “A million martyrs are marching on Jerusalem.”

Some 40 Palestinians were wounded when Israeli security forces used non-lethal crowd control methods to defend themselves against the rioters.

At least four Israeli Arab Knesset members took part in the violent anti-Israel demonstrations, once again prompting calls that they be stripped of their parliamentary immunity.

Article courtesy Israel Today Magazine.