Hezbollah terrorist plot thwarted in Cyprus


The guy is Lebanese but he was traveling on a Canadian passport and had – get this – two tons of ammonia nitrate. He’s been busted by Cyprus cops – who say this was part of a world-wide terror plot – hatched by Hezbollah. The intended targets: Jewish and Israeli buildings across Europe.

Hezbollah strays from mission to eliminate Israel

The Blaze says:

Hezbollah’s commander of special ops was reportedly killed in Syria along with dozens of his fighters Friday, during a fierce battle between the Lebanese Shiite group and Sunni rebels aiming to remove Syrian President Bashar Assad from power.It’s the latest example of how the militant organization has strayed from its core mission as a Lebanese “resistance movement” dedicated to destroying Israel. Indeed, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has even boasted that the group’s motto is “death to Israel.”

Hezbollah armed to the teeth

Posing with Hezbollah flag. Photo by Paul Keller via Flickr
Posing with Hezbollah flag. Photo by Paul Keller via Flickr

Next time Hezbollah strikes, Israel may not be as lucky. That’s the message Israel’s Home Front Command is giving to local authorities. To prepare them in the event of a renewed round of rocket attacks from the Lebanon-based terrorist group. As many as 15-hundred rockets could reign down on Israel daily, the Home Front Command says. And that could lead to massive casualties.

Iran, Hezbollah off terror threat list

It seems that Iran and Hezbollah no longer pose a threat to the United States. Both have been removed from the annual terror threat list compiled by the director of National Intelligence. Some are seeing this as a political move by the White House. At a time when Iran is helping in the fight against ISIS in Iraq. And at a crucial moment in nuke negotiations between Washington and Tehran.

Hezbollah planned to assassinate Olmert

Photo by Jonathan Klinger via Flickr
Photo by Jonathan Klinger via Flickr

Tazpit News Agency

London based newspaper Al-Arabi-Al-Jadeed reports that the Lebanese terror organization, Hezbollah planned to assassinate former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in 2009.

The assassination was planned as payback over the killing of Imad Mughniyeh who was Hezbollah’s international operations chief.

Mughniyeh was assassinated on February 12, 2008 when his car exploded in the Kafr-Sousa neighborhood in Damascus. Though the assassination was widely attributed to Israel, a recent report by The Washington Post claims the assassination was a CIA-Mossad joint operation.

Al-Arabi’s report claims the Olmert assassination was thwarted by Mohammed Shurba, a high ranking Hezbollah officer. Shurba was recently arrested by Hezbollah amid concerns that he may be an Israeli agent.

According to the report, Shurba also provided Israel with vital information that helped prevent a Hezbollah terror attack on the Israeli embassy in Azerbaijan in 2009.

As of now, Hezbollah hasn’t released any official response to Al-Arabi’s report. One reason for Hezbollah’s lack of response could be embarrassment over Shurba’s high position in the organization. In recent years Shurba held important roles within the organization, among them head of the personal security detail of Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s secretary general.