Our mission

Why TheJewishReporter.com?

Good question.

There are lots of sites that appeal to the Jewish community on the Internet. But, search as we may, we’ve not found one central repository of information for the Jewish diaspora. We also noted that many sites are ideologically based. Which means that folks who lean in another direction don’t feel comfortable with the sites and their content.

Seeing that need, we started TheJewishReporter.com.

We believe that the Jewish community is broad and diverse and needs a place where all points of view, both political and religious, can be discussed in a safe, non-threatening manner. We want all Jews to feel comfortable using TheJewishReporter.com.

We also feel that it’s important that we develop as many social networking tools as we can to encourage people to keep the dialogue going. That’s why we are, not only on Twitter and Facebook, but on chat programs too. We also will be launching an interactive online talk network. To, you know, encourage us all to talk with each other.

We want to be part of the overall Jewish community. And we want the community to feel it is part of us. So we’re pledging to keep ourselves as available as we can to you.

We also feel these are particularly difficult times for Israel. Some of the news coverage of Israel is fair. But a lot of it isn’t.

Critical reporting of the Jewish state is a good thing. But misrepresentations and false assertions are not. We want to do our part to keep things in perspective.

Our goal is to cover stories that concern Jews aggressively and accurately. This includes, of course, stories about Jews in the diaspora and Israel. But also about events in the Middle East, at the UN, in Washington DC and elsewhere that affect us. Other religions have a stake in Israel as well, so you’ll see stories about them and the relationships we have with one another.

We also want to engage younger Jews in this dialogue. We’re hoping that some of the social networking tools we will be using encourages this.

You’ll find that this site is updated often. So we encourage you to check in several times a day. We also encourage you to post comments, share the site and articles with others, contact us with story ideas and even, if you are so inclined, submit content. You can best do that by writing us at editor@thejewishreporter.com. Include your real name and contact information when you do.

We hope to be a force for positive coverage of Israel and the Jewish diaspora. With your help and involvement, this can be an attainable goal.


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