Editor’s message


My name is Gary Baumgarten and I’m the founder and editor of The Jewish Reporter.

I started this site because I saw a need to tie those of us in the Jewish diaspora together.

The Jewish Reporter is the first interactive news site for the Jewish community, a forum where we can all discuss issues of common interest and concern in a safe environment. Without fear that we will be assaulted by haters who are often attracted to online forums that focus on Judaism and Israel.

This is more than a news site. It will evolve into a social networking experience as well. We’ll provide tools to make it possible for us all to communicate with one another.

We’ll also endeavor to depict Israel in a fair light. As with all nations, it’s OK and responsbile to criticize Israel. But distortions and blood libels will not get through our filtering system.

In launching this site, I’m combining my decades of experience as a journalist (Detroit News, CBS Radio news, CNN Radio) with six years of time in the social media space (Paltalk.com) to create a unique opportunity to bring us all together under one virtual roof. With perspectives from correspondents, contributors and readers from around the world.

This site is for you to utilize. Please do. I’d love to hear from you.

You can write me at editor@thejewishreporter.com.

I’m looking forward to you participating often. If you like what we’re doing here, please spread the word!

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