Guess what nation is the only one the UN accuses of women’s rights abuses?

The UN is out with its hit list of nations that abuse women’s rights. Guess which nation is number one? One where women aren’t allowed to drive? Where they’re not allowed to vote? Where the number of children they may have is limited by law? Where there aren’t reproductive rights? Where they’re not allowed to show their hair? Where it’s decided who they will marry? Where they can’t be seen out in public with a man who’s not an immediate relative? Where if she is raped she’s considered the criminal? Nope. Israel, for the treatment of women in the Palestinian territories.

Congressman: Bomb Iran now

The United States should forget about talks with Tehran and bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities now. That’s the argument offered by Texas Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert, who says Iran presents a threat to Christians.

His comments come as the deadline nears for reaching substantial agreement with Iran. Negotiations are stepping up. Three European foreign ministers meet with Iranian negotiators for an additional session on Saturday.

The announcement comes as talks stall due to the death of Iranian President Rouhani’s mother.

President Obama, meanwhile, has told Iran that this year presents that nation the best opportunity to pursue better ties with the West.

Now it’s Netanyahu’s turn to return Boehner’s invitation

Now it’s House Speaker John Boehner’s turn to visit Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The trip’s not been announced publicly, but word is Boehner’s Israel trip will begin at the end of this month. Boehner and Netanyahu caused a political stir in the United States when Boehner invited Netanyahu to address a Joint Session of Congress without notifying the White House.

Netanyahu flips on 2 state solution

There were observers who suggested that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 11th hour election campaign proclamation that there would be no Palestinian state during his watch would be something he would eventually back away from. But no one expected he’d back away from it so soon. But he has, and is. Saying now that, he really didn’t mean it. He still favors a two-state solution.

Pessimism as deadline looms for a framework in Iran nuke talks

The end of the month is the deadline for a framework with Iran. But a European negotiator is not optimistic it will be met. The negotiator says Iran and the six world powers are far apart on key issues. This as Iran claims an accord is 90 percent done.

Rubio blasts Obama for showing more respect for Iran than Israel

No morning after the night before congratulatory call from President Obama to newly reelected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Instead an announcement that he’s reassessing the United States policy toward Israel in the wake of Netanyahu’s victory. This unleashing a string of criticisms from Republicans. Among them presidential hopeful Marco Rubio. Who maintains the president is showing more respect for Iran than Israel.

Obama ‘concerned’ about new Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu took a hard turn to the right at the last possible moment to secure a win in his bid to be reelected prime minister of Israel. Proclaiming that if reelected he’d not permit a Palestinian state to be created. And suggesting that his opponents were busing in Arab voters to defeat him. While President Obama is congratulating Netanyahu for his win, the White House is also expressing concern about the prime minister’s rhetoric. And signaling that it will reevaluate its approach to the peace process going forward.

Today is not the day to gloat that you’re a national political pollster in Israel

It was supposed to be a close race. But it wasn’t. Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party pulling away for a decisive victory. How did Israel’s pollsters get it so wrong?