London Jewish film festival goes on despite boycott call

They were fellow artists and filmmakers who who calling for cinemas in London to refuse to screen films as part of the Israel Film Festival. They made their call in a letter published in the Guardian newspaper. But the cinemas held their ground. The screenings begin today. Click here to read the story.

But there is still another controversy. An ultra-Orthodox rabbi is declaring that men may not see the screening of one of the films.

In fight against anti-Israel campus protests, free speech could be a victim

Photo by Charlie Nguyen/Flickr
Photo by Charlie Nguyen/Flickr

At the University of California, a proposal is being pushed through, which, seemingly, on the surface, makes sense. Adopt the State Department’s definition of antisemitism and apply it on campus. Thus, prohibiting antisemitic protests.

But, as we all know, there is a movement afoot to boycott Israel. Ostensibly over the Palestinian territories. But, in some cases, it overflows into general anti-Israel bias. And, in the minds of many, antisemitism.

Now there are those who are expressing concern that adoption of the State Department’s definition of antisemitism could result in a dampening of free speech on campus. Click here to read the story.

Hezbollah terrorist plot thwarted in Cyprus


The guy is Lebanese but he was traveling on a Canadian passport and had – get this – two tons of ammonia nitrate. He’s been busted by Cyprus cops – who say this was part of a world-wide terror plot – hatched by Hezbollah. The intended targets: Jewish and Israeli buildings across Europe.

Antisemitism fueled bin Laden’s terrorism

Al Qaida Israel

Newly released documents suggest that Osama Bin Laden used antisemitism as a major motivating factor in spurring his minions to commit terrorist acts. This is the first confirmation of what many Jews and others have been saying about Islamic terrorism. That much of it is really about the Jews.

But that’s not all we learn from taking a look at his papers and what was on Bin Laden’s bookshelf. We also learn that the terrorist attacks that he hatched were designed to fuel American sentiment toward opposing U.S. Middle Eastern policy. But we also learn that, unlike ISIS, he opposed an Islamic state.

One author, C. Christine Fair, is incensed that a book she co-authored, Fortifying Pakistan, which explores that nation’s resistance toward fully joining the war on terror, was found on bin Laden’s bookshelf.


Robert Wistrich, leading crusader against antisemitism, dead


Robert Wistrich
Robert Wistrich


I am deeply saddened by the sudden death of Robert Wistrich, the world renowned expert on global antisemitism.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Robert – not knowing that it would be for the last time – at the recent MFA Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism in Jerusalem. He told me that he was about to leave for a series of lectures and academic work in Rome where he died of a heart attack.
We had planned to meet on his return.
He was a brilliant researcher and voice on the scourge of Jew-hatred, and everyone who attended the Jerusalem conference was blown away by his erudition and eloquence. Little did we know that this was to be his last public appearance and he left us with an indelible memory of his charismatic self.
Robert will be sorely missed. I, for one, will pick up his fallen mantle and carry it forward.