Another UN agency takes aim at Israel

Light Rail

This time it’s UNESCO issuing a report critical of Israel.

UNESCO is condemning Israel for what excavating in Jerusalem that, according to the report is damaging Islamic holy sites and Muslim artifacts and “endangering” the Old City. The report In particular, they are concerned about the building of a light rail system close to the Temple Mount.

Israeli’s foreign ministry was quick to slap back. Calling the report one sided for ignoring both the Jewish and Christian connections to Jerusalem. And for only viewing the Temple Mount as a Muslim holy site of worship.

In a statement, Foreign Ministry Director Dore Gold says, given the deliberate destruction by ISIS of artifacts throughout the Middle East, the report critical of Israel is “misplaced and hypocritical at best.”


Opinion: Religious laws block gay marriage In Israel

Gay pride parade

In a commentary, author Susan Weiss argues:

In Israel, love is not love because love is circumscribed by Israeli marriage and divorce laws. Those laws incorporate religious kinship rules and enforce them on Israeli citizens in accordance with their respective religious communities, but irrespective of their religious beliefs or consciences. Since all religious traditions define marriage as taking place between a man and a woman, Israel prohibits all gay couples in Israel from marrying. Furthermore, under Torah Law, which is the religious rule applicable to Israeli Jews, male homosexuality is an “abomination.” As it is written: “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination.” (Lev. 18:3.) Click here to read the commentary.

Photo by Niv Singer

Vatican signs 1st treaty with ‘state of Palestine’

May meeting between Pope and Abbas
May meeting between Pope and Abbas

The Vatican has had a de facto recognition of Palestine for years now. But this is the first time its made it official. By signing a treaty with the “state of Palestine.” A move that is angering the Israeli government. The Vatican using the occasion to call for “courageous decisions” to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – and to urge a two-state solution. Click here to read the story.

Rocket attack prompts Israel to cut back on Ramadan privileges for Gazans


Photo of Ramadan prayers at the Al Aqsa Mosque by MuslimTV Monde
Photo of Ramadan prayers at the Al Aqsa Mosque by MuslimTV Monde

Israel had opened up its borders to Muslims in the Gaza to allow them to come to the Dome of the Rock to celebrate Ramadan with family. But some of the Ramadan concessions are being rolled back in light of the latest rocket attack from Gaza. The Israeli government announcing it is cancelling the permits of 500 people wanting to travel to Jerusalem. Click here to read the story.

Bibi forced to announce Israel welcomes all shades of Jewishness


Prime Minister Netanyahu’s comments on three different occasions over the last week that Israel is home to all Jews are intended to send a reassuring message to segments of Diaspora Jewry infuriated by Religious Services Minister David Azoulay’s deprecating remarks about Reform Jewry last week, sources in the Prime Minister’s Office acknowledged on Tuesday. Click here to read the story.

Israeli firm’s device may prevent future Charlestons


Moshe Greenshpan, the 44-year-old founder and CEO of Face-Six, earlier this year launched Churchix – a system that his Tel Aviv-area firm designed to scan the faces of churchgoers to help religious communities analyze attendance, membership — and threats. The system, Greenshpan told JTA, uses cameras and facial recognition algorithms to scan the faces of people who attend church gatherings and Mass. Click here to read the story.

Actor Michael Douglas in Israel accepting Israeli ‘Nobel Prize’

Michael Douglas on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon
Michael Douglas on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

He only recently accepted his Jewish roots. And he knows that under Orthodox Jewish law, he’s not considered Jewish. But actor Michael Douglas is in Israel to accept the Genesis Award. At a high-powered event hosted by Jay Leno whose guest list includes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Click here to read the story.