ISIS to Israel: We did it

Islamic State’s Egypt affiliate, Sinai Province, said on Friday in a statement posted on Twitter by supporters that it had launched three Grad rockets towards “occupied Palestine” earlier in the day. Israeli security forces said earlier that two rockets landed in open areas in Israel’s Negev region. No damage or injuries were reported.  A short time beforehand, rocket sirens sounded in Israeli communities near the Gaza border, after which security forces began a search for the projectiles. Both rockets have since be located.

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Netanyahu: Iran bigger threat than ISIS

Following Wednesday’s deadly string of attacks launched by Islamic State terrorists in Sinai, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu extended his regards to the families of the victims, saying “Our hearts are with the Egyptian people. We send our condolences to the Egyptian government and the families of those who were killed in battle with the cruel terror.”

 Netanyahu also remarked that “several months ago, when we said that ISIS were launching attacks on our borders, people were skeptical. But here we see before our very eyes, ISIS operating with unusual cruelty both on our northern and southern borders.”

 Netanyahu reiterated the comparison between the barbaric terrorist organization and Iran, saying that “the attacks we are seeing carried out by ISIS are nothing compared to what the Iranian regime has in store.

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Still waiting for a breakthrough in Iran nuke talks

2015-07-02 11_20_24-Kerry says Iran nuclear talks 'making progress' - YouTube

Britain, France, Germany and the European Union all said on Thursday that a final nuclear agreement with Iran is not yet guaranteed, with some key political questions still unanswered.

The two-year diplomatic effort has entered its endgame, now two days past a self-imposed deadline for world powers and Iran to reach a comprehensive accord which will govern Iran’s nuclear work for over a decade

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UN: Syrian fighting could cause truce with Israel to collapse


The UN Security Council on Tuesday condemned the fighting and use of heavy weapons by Syrian armed forces and opposition fighters in the area that has separated Syrian and Israel forces since 1974.

A resolution co-sponsored by Russia and the United States and adopted unanimously by the council on Monday called on parties to the Syrian conflict to halt all military action in the area of separation. It warned that military activities in the zone could escalate Syrian-Israeli tensions. Click here to read the story.

Iran nuke talks extended until July 7


The U.S. delegation to the nuclear negotiations with Iran in Vienna announced Tuesday that the terms of the interim deal set earlier this year would remain in place for another week, to allow an extension of the talks on a comprehensive agreement until July 7.

Iran and the world powers were meant to have reached a final agreement by June 30, but it became clear over the last few days that the talks would be extended. Click here to read the story


Jindal: A deal with Iran could start a Middle East nuke arms race


Republican presidential aspirant Bobby Jindal has asked his fellow Republican leadership in the Congress to reject a nuclear deal with Iran, saying any such deal could start arms race in the Middle East.

“One, they should absolutely reject it (nuclear deal). Congress made a huge mistake in the bill they passed giving away some of their oversight authority,” Jindal told Fox News. Click here to read the story.

Ya’alon: They may not meet the deadline but there will be an Iran nuke deal

Moshe Ya'alon

The world powers and Iran are headed to a nuclear agreement, even if Tuesday’s deadline is not met, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said on Monday. Ya’alon, at a briefing in his Tel Aviv office with diplomatic reporters, said that despite some last minute delays, the negotiations were not on the verge of collapse. “What is clear is that this is a bad agreement,” he said. “After it is signed we will have a nuclear threshold Iran.” Click here to read the story.

Photo by Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center

Netanyahu enraged at Iran concessions


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed outrage Sunday at world powers for backtracking on terms they’d set for themselves during nuclear negotiations with Iran. Netanyahu’s remarks at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting came as representatives of the P5+1 and Iran met in Vienna to try and reach a final nuclear deal before the June 30 deadline. Click here to read the story