Listen: Bob Ney explains the Iran nuke deal in 3 minutes and 20 seconds


In this interview with Gary Baumgarten, former congressman and current Talk Radio News Service correspondent Bob Ney explains the Iran nuke deal, outlines the guarantees it offers against a nucler Iran, talks about chances of blocking it in Congress, analyzes how it is good for Iran and the world and looks at missed opportunities to use the deal as a wedge to stop Iran’s human rights violations and antisemitism.

Rivilin visits vandalized Mount of Olives cemetary


Tazpit News Agency

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin inspected the Afghan section of the cemetery on the Mount of Olives Monday, a site which has seen repeated vandalism and destruction by some of East Jerusalem’s Arab residents.

Rivlin was accompanied by four relatives of people buried in the Afghani section, which is located in a more remote area of the expansive site. Representatives from the Rabbinate, Police and Afghani Jewish community were also present.

At the time of the inspection, 62 graves had recently suffered severe damage from vandalism. While some were strewn with litter, including human excrement, others had been set on fire.

In addition to the horrifying disrespect to the dead, visitors to the graves often come under stone throwing attacks and other serious assaults.

The president noted that the attacks barely receive coverage in the Israeli press.

“In any other place across the world, there would have been a tremendous outcry if such things would occur,” he argued. Rivlin has spent much of his time in office pressing for an end to racism across all sections of Israeli society.

Rivlin, whose family moved to Jerusalem in 1809, said, “We have returned to our homeland, yet even during ups and downs, we never abandoned it.” The president was in the area having paid his respects at his parents’ graves nearby.

“It cannot be so that in our state, we are unable to stop such terrible vandalism,” the president remarked solemnly. “We must not despair nor give up, we will never be moved from here,” he vowed.

Photo by Mark Nyman

Boehner: No deal with Iran is better than a bad deal


Appearing on the CBS News program Face the Nation, Secretary of State John Boehner warned against the United States and five other western nations agreeing to a bad deal with Iran over its nuclear program. Saying it’s better to have no deal than one that’s bad.

Boehner says, if President Obama were to back out of talks, he would applaud him. But he fears that won’t happen.

“From everything that’s leaked from these negotiations, the administration has backed away from almost all of the guidelines that they set out for themselves,” he said.

Netanyahu: While negotiating with Iran, listen to what its supreme leader says


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying – once again – to convince the world that any deal with Iran over its nuclear program would be a bad one. Noting that – even as both sides engage in sensitive talks, Iran’s supreme leader is calling for a fight against the United States. No matter whether there’s an agreement or not.

Palestinian hunger striker released


He came home to a hero’s welcome. Islamic Jihad activist Khader Adnan – who refused food for 56 days. In protest over being held by the Israelis for a year without trial under administrative detention – used by Israel to prevent violence.

Both those heralding his release and the Israelis were afraid Adnan might die if not released. This is the second time he’s been held and released after going on hunger strike.

Adnan says Israel, which he refers to as “the occupier” “made a mistake” each time he’s been arrested.