Netanyahu to world leaders: Take off kid gloves when dealing with Iran



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is accusing world powers of stepping up concessions to Iran to enable a nuclear deal by June 30 even as Iran balks at demands for heightened UN inspections. He didn’t offer further details

Netahyahu’s energy minister and point-man on the talks, Yuval Steinitz, said it appeared that world powers were prepared to accommodate Tehran’s resistance to expanded, short-order UN nuclear inspections and demand to continue R&D of uranium centrifuges that make nuclear fuel.

Saturday, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said his country, in the name of protecting state secrets, could reject stepped-up inspections – even at the cost of missing the  deadline. But in a televised address Sunday, Rouhani played up the benefits of reaching a deal that would end the hardship of sanctions.

On a visit to Israel last week, chairman of the joint chiefs Gen. Martin Dempsey sought to reassure Israel of “unshakable” U.S. military support. Dempsey said long-term prospects were “far better” with an Iran that was not a nuclear weapons power. The U.S. says it stands by the end-of-the-month deadline, but other officials have said the date might be missed.

Secretary of State John Kerry, who was released from hospital Friday, said he would be “totally engaged” with the nuclear talks despite his broken leg from a cycling accident.

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