Israeli running for Congress pledges to stop ‘Islamization’ of America

Itamar Gelbman says he was born in New York, raised in Israel, and now wants to be the next congressman from the Texas 6th District.

He’s stirred up emotions and debate by saying he wants to stop what he calls the “Islamization” of America.

5 thoughts on “Israeli running for Congress pledges to stop ‘Islamization’ of America”

  1. Please let us know where to contact Mr. Gelbman. We do not live in Tarrant County and I will come up there to help his campaign. His “Talking Points” appeared as many, many people say they want to see….so, Tarrant Co. foks now you get the chance to help make it happen. This is gonna be one good scrappin’ FIGHT. Get off your back sides and help this man get elected….put your money where your mouth is! Make me be proud that I am a Texan, let’s show the world how WE ROLL! !! STOP the Islamization of America!!! Remember the Alamo.

  2. I agree there is an attempt to Islamicize America. It’s a theocratic dogma political system that has NO PLACE in our democracy. Don’t fool yourself that it’s “just another religion.” It totally combines law and church and allows for “honor killings” and other horrific crimes.

  3. Has everyone forgotten we have a United States Constitution that forbids a state sponsored religion? Does Mr. Gelbman not know this? Does he mean he wants to prevent people who happen to be Muslim from entering this country?

    I think he has to read a history book. I am sick to my stomach when I think of those three boats filled with desperate Jews at the beginning of WW2 who were denied entrance in to the US based on nothing but their (our) religion.

    If you learn ONE thing from being Jewish it is not to assign collective guilt!

  4. Islam is a dangerous Ideology. Just try to Learn it. Take an objective observation and investigation is all you need to have a better understanding about islam. Try with alquraan and hadith at first and than you can collect a good complete information that you need from it. Worst things always happen if non-islam is as a minority, no place and equality for infidel, see midle east. In the other hand like in america when islam is as a minority they will keep say “we come in peace” that is an old islam tactic. Slow but sure they will defeat you in numbers with his famous massive birth rate, and finally islam will take all.

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