The rise of radical Islam in the Middle East

After the overthrow of Mubarak, Egyptian security forces and Muslims clashed with Christians


With Egypt, Tunisia and Libya having fallen into the hands of radical Islamists and with Yemen and Syria close on the way, the argument coming from the Obama administration is that this is a good thing. OK. Let’s analyze that.

It is now becoming obvious to anyone observing the various revolts occurring throughout the Middle East that radical Islamists will be taking over the various countries that had their despots overthrown.

There is some truth behind the hate filled venom of these Islamists that the West supported these despots. Perhaps not for the reasons they claim, namely, to destroy Islam and make the Middle East a garden of freedom and liberty. But rather to keep a lid on its roiling political and violent mayhem so that the oil will keep flowing.

George W. Bush was a wishful thinker when he proclaimed that all humanity desires freedom and liberty and attempted to provide the Iraqi and Afghani people the opportunity to grasp that golden bowel.

However depressing the reality of the Middle East which now confronts the West, in particular the United States, since it has paid so much in blood and treasure, there is possibly one good thing that may yet come out of this Islamist takeover. There is a military term called “fixing the enemy” which refers to preventing the enemy’s withdrawal thereby allowing the attacking force to be confident that it will not escape. In our war against the Islamists we have been chasing them from one mountain to the next from one corner of the world to another never quite able to gather them in one spot. Well now we know where they are. Don’t we?

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