The one state solution


In the light of the Palestinians imminent application to the UN to grant them full International Security Status, and by de facto a ” Palestinian State “, there are growing voices from within the right of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Coalition Government, to implement a ” One State Solution ” by annexing Judea and Samaria, as a direct means of avoiding another ” Terror State ” on Israel’s borders.

Preident Obama and the U.S. government, in an effort to derail Palestinian plans to go to the UN, have threatened to pull all funding from the Palestinian Authority, declaring that the PA steps risks undermining the direct negotiations with Israel.No one can say for sure if Obama will exercise his veto in the UN’s Security Council and block the Palestinian bid, given the lack of personal chemistry between the American and Israeli leaders, and the fundamental policy differences that exist between the two administrations, in resolving this long running conflict and dilemma.

Hardline Israeli Foreign Minister Yvet Lieberman and his ultra right wing party Yisrael Beitenu, is in favor of the ” One State Solution “, and breaking off all negotiations with the Palestinians, if they go ahead, as seems likely with their UN Statehood bid, and his stance is gaining traction and growing support within the other Coalition parties.

Peter Paton is an international PR andĀ strategicĀ adviser.

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  1. G-d bless Israel

    I heard (before reading above) the one state solution was to give all the Arab surrounding nations to Israel: they would all be Israelis, have peace, and be allowed to worship in whatever way they wanted thus stopping all threats of wars.

    Unfortunately, I guess the vote of another Arab-Muslim state is going ahead at the UN- so does Gaza become another vote ?

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