Fly-in Gaza protests thwarted

Israel has preemptively been mitigating Friday’s fly-in protest to the Gaza blockade by denying activists permission to board flights bound for Tel Aviv.

The protest was organized because the so-called Freedom Flotilla is pretty much dead in the water. The idea was to fly to Ben Gurion and declare Palestine as the destination on their entry cards.

Security has also been beefed up at the airport.


2 thoughts on “Fly-in Gaza protests thwarted”

  1. Hi Gary,
    i thought the way Israel has handled this is fabulous.
    A list of persons involved has been circulated to airports that service Israel, in deterrent to them even landing, And if they do, they are deported either back to their home contry or the destination they arrived from.
    a PERFECT way to avoid the trouble makers!:)

  2. The man speaking in the video said it is a mistake. The Flytilla , really is, to the West Bank,
    The flotilla stopped without shedding a drop of blood.-
    Nicely handled- Israel (and Greece)

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