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U.S. recognizing Muslim Brotherhood

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The United States, perhaps recognizing the political realities of Egypt, is reportedly now formally recognizing the Muslim Brotherhood.

But wait a minute here.

The Muslim Brotherhood does not recognize the state of Israel. Doesn’t the United States have a policy of not talking with those who don’t recognize Israel. Like, for example, Hamas?

What affect will this new relationship, with the brotherhood, have on another relationship? The one with Israel? A nation that’s already more than distrustful of the Obama administration.

5 thoughts on “U.S. recognizing Muslim Brotherhood”

  1. The Muslim Brotherhood is not on the list of terrorists organizations that the United States keeps. They seem to be, however, a major player in Egyptian politics. I will know better how to react in September. If the PA goes to the UN to proclaim itself a state and that is not vetoed by the US in the security council that will clarify my feelings toward President Obama and not for the better. Right now I will place this approachement between the US and the Muslim Brotherhood in the mental file of KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE AND YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER.

  2. Dear Friends, I hate to offend people, but the policies of Obama are increasingly, visibly, ill-advised and dangerous. Ayman al Zawahiri, the new number one in Al-Quaeda, emerged into prominence out of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The argument that the Brotherhood is not extremist, or that we have it talk to our enemies, is worse than wrong; it is crazy. Obama seems to have forgotten that Jimmy Carter said the US had to talk to Ayatolla Khomeini and that the US would no longer support dictators like the Shah of Iran. How well did that strategy work out? Even so-called smart people can be spectacularly wrong. Many distinguished people in the US and Europe believed he was ‘just a paper hanger who will never do what he says’. That was Adolph Hitler. How true was that assessment? Obama is a very nice guy. President of the US is a great addition to his curriculum vitae and has a great retirement plan. But the Muslim Brotherhood is REAL. They are not a make-believe group that university academics talk about in their classrooms. Life is not a game, or a dorm party, and if we make the mistake of taking the Muslim Brotherhood lightly, we risk experiencing a very sad, painful ending.

  3. You’re so right, Ron. Furthermore, Muslim Brotherhood spawned Hitler’s buddy, Amin Al-Husseini that the British brought into Israel (they called “Palestine”) from Egypt to be “the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem”. Husseini pushed Hitler so hard to kill Jews faster that he was made co-head of the “Final Solution” with Eichmann. So the Muslim Brotherhood is very connected to facism as well as terrorism. It spawned every Arab terrorist organization, including Husseini’s relative Arafat’s (now Mubarak’s) Fatah and PLO, Hamas and their offshoots. Perhaps Obama became connected to the Brotherhood in his travels. He reportedly told the Saudi Royals that he fought for al-Qaida against the Russians in Afghanistan. (Saudis were so pleased with Barry that they donated 20 million to Harvard if it would accept this Oxidental flunk-out into its law school.)

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