Abbas. World Economic Forum photo

Abbas: We recognize Israel, Israel needs to recognize us

Abbas. World Economic Forum photo

In a stunning case of turnabout – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is borrowing an oft-used argument raised by the Israelis towards the Palestinians to push for a Palestinian state.

That argument – usually used with regard to Hamas – is that Israel won’t negotiate with any entity that doesn’t recognize the Jewish state.

But now, Abbas is declaring that the Palestinians recognize Israel. And now, he argues, it’s time for Israel to recognize Palestine.

5 thoughts on “Abbas: We recognize Israel, Israel needs to recognize us”

  1. WOW –

    Next things that will happen:

    – Hezbollah officials will be indicted for Hariri murder by Hezbollah led Govt.
    – UN will select North Korea to chair Disarmament Conference.
    – UN will select Saudi Arabia to chair Women Driver’s Rights Council.
    – UN will select Iran to chair Citizens Rights Council.

    This is like entering “Bizzaro World” from Seinfeld!

  2. “Abbas: We recognize Israel, Israel needs to recognize us”
    This case is NOT stunning; it is more of the usual Arab propaganda. Abbas did NOT say that he recognizes Israel as a Jewish state. Big difference.

  3. Abbas also didn’t pinky swear that he would never join forces with Gaza which is under the control of Hamas, and, of course, he could give no assurance that the next election in the West Bank won’t bring Hamas in to power there. We know how Hamas feels about Israel and all Jews, so yes, this is just more of the same propaganda.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. Get real! You bet they recognize Israel and even their charter says so. Doesn’t the charter call for pushing the Jews into the Sea? If that is not recognision, what is?

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