West Bank mosque damaged

West Bank mosque attacked

West Bank mosque damaged

A mosque on the West Bank was attacked and burned by Israeli settlers, drawing condemnation from both the UN and the United States.

“The United States condemns the burning and vandalizing of a mosque in the West Bank village of Al-Mughayyir.” State Department spokesman Mark Toner said.

“This attack is the latest of several such acts of violence against West Bank mosques. These incidents have served to undermine efforts to promote a comprehensive peace in the region.”

Toner says the United states calls on the Israeli government to investigate the attack and to bring the perpetrators to justice. He also asked for calm on the part of all parties in the wake of the attack.

2 thoughts on “West Bank mosque attacked”

  1. I missed the condemnation wihen so many churches were burned in the Middle East,
    I even missed the condemnation when so many “settlers” were attacked,
    and I even missed the condemnation when the Fogel family was slaughtered,
    When the little bit of Gaza was given up for peace, one of the first things destroyed was the synagogue – I missed the condemnation

    I’ll do a search and see if any synagogues in Israel have been destroyed or vandalized, and where the condemnations are for the above -mentioned: be back with the results in a few decades

  2. I missed the comdemnation on the recent destruction of a tiny “settlement” burned out by 150=200 palistinians last week. They said (the palistinians) we took back our land.

    It will be interesting to hear the clear statement: The Palistinian land must be “Jew-free” while the Israeli Arabs must get to stay in whatever is allowed to be Israel. I want to hear all the media, politicians foreign and domestic, all the so-called rights’ groups yelling and screaming how wrong it is to say no Jews allowed.

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