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Anti-American protests in the Gaza


JERUSALEM – It has already been reported that while much of the Middle East was pleased with Osama bin Laden’s assassination by American forces, the Palestinian Arabs stood out as the only regional group to oppose the elimination of the arch-terrorist.

Recent rallies in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip have revealed just how much Palestinian Islamists idolized bin Laden and how broad was his popularity on the “Palestinian street.”

During the various rallies, the standard chants of the thousands of attendees have been: “Bin Laden Shattered Crosses” (speaking to their hatred of Christianity) and “America is the Enemy of Allah.”

At one rally, Hamas leader Sheikh Munir Al-Aydi eulogized bin Laden by praising the latter’s dedication to “lead the global jihad against America and its allies, the worshippers of the cross.”

Western leaders have for the past decade been trying hard to equate Christianity with Islam and the God of the Bible with Allah. They are adamant that there is no religious war taking place.

But the Palestinian Islamists clearly do not agree.

In light of these dangerous delcarations by Hamas leaders, it is important to once again call out Western leaders who insist that Hamas be made part of the diplomatic peace process with Israel.

Not only does Hamas continue to refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist, but it openly advocates the teachings of terrorists who want to impose Islamic law on the entire world.

Translation of the televised Hamas rallies was provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute. Article courtesy Israel Today Magazine.

One thought on “Anti-American protests in the Gaza”

  1. The death of Osama has made the people mad because their belief is he was a very holly man and they will continue the violence and it is increasing. The live Osama was of 25 million dollars but the dead Osama will cause 100 billion dollars of destruction. His death has spread all over the world like a wild fire one devil has created so many disciples that no one knows where they are and suddenly they come out and start their satanic dance. Now we realize how much power is in money can be used for good purpose and can be used for bad perpose.He has become worst as dead as alive. The real mistake was done by those who kept on protecting him may be due to fear or the charm of money. He could have been killed much earlier at least he would not have been known as mujahidin and saint. This kind of fame is creating a havoc everywhere and no hope is their when and how this violence will be stoped.Those who promoted him have proved themselves evil genius and destroying the humans .Thanks God they do not have the nuke otherwise the world would have gone. Though it is not a war like ww1 ww2 but it more dangerous one never knows where and at what time a disaster may occur.

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