Hillary Clinton and Netanyahu meet at Sharem El Sheich last September to talk peace. Israel Government Press Office photo

Netanyahu says no peace agreement possible with Hamas

Hillary Clinton and Netanyahu meet at Sharem El Sheich last September to talk peace. Israel Government Press Office photo


If Hamas is part of a Palestinian entity negotiating a peace agreement with Israel, there will be no peace accord.

That, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who outlined his vision for a peace with the Palestinians before the Knesset.

His address to Israel’s parliament came in advance of his trip to Washington this week where he is expected to go into greater detail about how a peace might be achieved. But the peace process, which has been stalled anyway, won’t be jump started, Netanyahu made clear, so long as those sitting on the other side of the table represent the new coalition between Hamas and Fatah. Because, he says, Hamas wants to destroy the state of Israel.

It would seem logical under other circumstances. Who would expect a nation to negotiate a peace with an entity that, the treaty aside, is bent on still destroying that nation? But in the Alice In Wonderland world of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a nation that refuses to give up land for peace to an entity that wants to destroy it receives international condemnation.

From Israel’s perspective, this becomes a classic Catch 22. If Israel negotiates and hands over land to a Palestinian government comprised in half by leaders who want to destroy the Jewish state, it puts itself in jeopardy. But if it doesn’t – then a declaration of a Palestinian state may be unilaterally made. One that’s recognized by the majority of the international community. And it may become a fait accompli.

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  1. I hope Israel has restocked in fire prevention materials and gotten some of their own planes and helicopters for fire prevention. When the forest
    caught Israel had to ask for help.

    Thousands walked to the border, rockets into Israel – what peace have they now? What did Iran give to Syria?

    How easy those countries stop the revolts against their own government – all they do is turn the anger to Israel. It was Gaddafi who said just walk in a million at a time. And it was Gaddafi who said he’d flood Europe with refugees. The only one who seems unusually quiet is the Prez of Iran.

    Gary, did you continue Avi ‘s show for more than an hour?

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