FBI Most Wanted page lists bin Laden as "deceased"

Bin Laden’s death doesn’t ease threat to Israel

FBI Most Wanted page lists bin Laden as "deceased"


The free world is rejoicing the death of Osama bin Laden. The man behind the 9/11 attacks has gone to, as Robert Spenser of Jihad Watch calls it, “the great bordello in the sky”.

I was in Tampa yesterday to watch the documentary “The Ground Zero Mosque: Second wave of the 91/11 Attacks.” The Pinellas Patriots hosted the event. Spencer and Pamela Geller, publisher of Atlas Shrugs were there to remind us all that the fight against sharia Islam goes on. Both said we are all soldiers in this fight. Geller said that those who died on 9/11 were not civilians but rather soldiers of freedom and we must continue to fight until the day comes when all forms of Shariah Islamic oppression are defeated around the world.

“Osama bin Laden has gone to claim his virgins, and while that is fine news, it really won’t change anything,” Spencer writes.

“The role of al Qaeda in the global jihad, and the role of Osama bin Laden in al Qaeda, have both been wildly overstated. Al Qaeda is not the only Islamic jihad group or Islamic supremacist group operating today, and Osama bin Laden was not some charismatic leader whose movement will collapse without him.”

My and Spencer’s greatest fear is the death of Osama to many means the end to the global war against sharia Islam.

That cannot be farther from the truth. While the movement now has yet another martyr the real fight goes on. I firmly believe the radical shariah Islamist movement is growing and gaining political ground across the Middle East. We are seeing this with the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Iran’s support of violence in Bahrain and support for Assad in Syria.

Iran remains the existential threat to Israel, the United States, Europe and the Middle East. A nuclear armed Iran is a death knell to those Muslim and non-Muslim allies fighting to stop sharia Islamist groups like al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas. The Muslim Brotherhood is the growing long term threat.

Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood joining together would be catastrophic.

We are seeing signs of this happening already as Iran has re-established diplomatic ties with Egypt. Joshua Mitnick, Matt Bradley, and Jay Solomon in the Wall Street Journal article “New Tension Roils Israel” report, “Yet the Egyptian political drift toward greater domestic tolerance of Islamist groups [the Muslim Brotherhood] and support for the Palestinians, including a new willingness to work with Hamas, has Israel most worried. The trends could come to a head in September, when Egypt is planning its first post-Mubarak parliamentary elections and the Palestinians are expected to press for state recognition at the UN.”

Matt Bradley reports in the Wall Street Journal that the Muslim Brotherhood is increasing the number of candidates for seats in the new government up to 50 percent. This is much more dangerous for our interests in the region. If the Muslim Brotherhood takes a majority of seats in September then this terrorist organization will control the second largest U.S. equipped military in the Middle East, second only to the Israeli military.

While this is a time to rejoice it is also a time to get serious about the real dangers facing us. Clare Lopez, senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy, refers to al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran as the “Axis of Jihad.” This axis is stronger, poised to achieve major positions of power in key Middle Eastern states and more dangerous to our very survival.

Expect the Axis of Jihad to strike the free world again and again and again.

Richard Swier is a 23-year Army veteran who retired as a lieutenant colonel in 1990. He was awarded the Legion of Merit for his years of service, two Bronze Stars with ā€œVā€ for Heroism in ground combat and the Presidential Unit Citation and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry while serving with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam.

You can read him at http://www.redcounty.com/rich-swier.

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  1. The terrorist who created a havoc and was a great danger to every country may be muslim or nonmuslim known as Osama has been killed by the special task force sent by USA and by the grace of Almighty God the mission was completely successful.Still the things are not to an end this man has made a lot of his diciples behind him and they must be fuming with anger so the whole must be very high alert.The Talibans have already threatened The Presidant of Pakistan Mr Zardari and all the politicians in Pakistan,also USA and Israel are under threat accusing that both are the biggest enemies of Muslims so we have to destroy them at any cost what so ever may be the circumstances.So the whole world and specially Israel and USA must keep the home land security tight in order to save their home land and innocent citizens. As we know that two brother Ghazi Abdul Rasheed who was killed and his brother Ghazi Abdul Rasheed who ran out of the Red Mosque in veils which known as burka the problem there was created by Al Qaeda, Taliban and RAW.The main proof of RAW is the more than a dozen consulates opened just near the Pakistan’s border in Afghanistan which was a clear indication of anti Pakistan activities.Tehrik e Taliban has given threat to Pakistan that they will kill all the politicians including the The President of Pakistan.Today the molvies of Dera Ghazi Khan have started Ghaibana Namaz e Janaza which is allowed in the religion if the body of the person is not available the servicing and prayers of funeral are allowed.So this game has started by the molvies have started in DGKhan and they will spread this ritual all over the country.The main action has been taken by Jamat e Islami which now deep rooted in DGKhan.They have started as funeral prayers and afterwords a big violence will start in the country.They will disturb the traffic all the time and when the police will inter fair the fight will start and breaking public and private buildings,burning of shops and vehicles will continue all over Pakistan.Sudden bomb blasts are also expected so a huge destruction and lives of innocent are expected.I have an expectation the major problem will start on Friday after Friday prayers if the government shows a week hand the things will go out of control.Until and unless the political molvies such as QAZI Hussein of Jamat e Isalami and Fazlurehman of Jameat Ulama Islam and several other well know political molvies must be taken in custody the problems will never stop.USA must take part in it and this is the only way to grab terrorism.Even if they have to be lifted up and taken out of Pakistan it will be very help full and the terrorism will come to an end.Once again the Taliban have announced that they have killed Benazir Bhutto and Zardari along with his politicians will be also killed,threat have been given to the entire world also to be ready for the consequences,so USA must keep the homeland security alert because His Excellency Mr President is going to ground zero .

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