By Olivier Pacteau

Fed up over lack of peace process, Abbas bites back

By Olivier Pacteau

In Israel, there is an open wariness of President Obama. The fear is that Obama will turn it’s back on Israel and force a peace proposal down its throat. One that it finds impossible to digest.

But perception is in the eye of the perceiver. as a Newsweek interview with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas reveals.

Abbas tells Newsweek that Obama has turned his back on the Palestinians, and that’s what has hardened his view toward Israel.

Obama, Abbas insists, mislead him, telling Newsweek’s Dan Ephron that the U.S. president led him up a tree, climbed down a ladder, and then took the ladder away, stranding him like a cat.

One thought on “Fed up over lack of peace process, Abbas bites back”

  1. Every time world-wide polling orgs gauge sentiment among Muslims and Jews, Muslims say the US is far too pro-Israeli and Jews say we’re not enough so…and the slit is the same as far as they perceive major news orgs, as well.

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