Palestinian cops fire on Jewish worshipers

Jewish worshipers leaving Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus where they had gone to mark the end of Passover were fired upon by Palestinian police. One person, a nephew of a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet, was killed. Four others were wounded, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Palestinian youth clashed with Israeli soldiers and Jewish settlers threw rocks at Palestinians after the shootings.

In another incident, the Palestinian News and Info Agency reports that Jewish settlers Sunday attacked a Palestinian school bus on a field trip between Ramallah and Jerusalem breaking out most of the buses windows with rocks.

3 thoughts on “Palestinian cops fire on Jewish worshipers”

  1. The Pelestinians have just made a lame excuse and done what they wanted to do.Must have been supported by some other muslim country,i have doubts on Iran the foriegn supportes always enjoy to take their own revenge by using
    such foolish people.I think a strong reply is must and also file a case in united nations every thing will come out that who is the bad suporter for such a issue and why this cruelty was done by the Palestinans.Every time they try to prove that Israel is very cruel and we are poor innocent but being crushed and being deprived of our rights,and the other muslim countries start making hue and cry that Israel is very cruel to our muslim brothers.I can not understand what is
    the main problem for Palestinians and they can not live with peace with Israelies.On the other hand muslims search any type of food which is made by jews and they have ideology that any thing which cooked or sloughterd by jews is Halal and muslims can eat that.When there is so much closeness among both the religons then from where comes out the hatered it is really very strange for me.Both the religons don not eat pork and call it haram both sloughter the animal in same way most of the things are comon among them Then why hate is there it means some fanacts always play their role in it.So this time Israel should not let it go and find out which country is helping rather provoking the Palestinians.

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