Good Friday massacre in Syria

Syrian troops are accused of killing 50 protesters on Friday in what is already being termed the Good Friday Massacre as it occurred on the Christian holy day of Good Friday, the Telegraph reports..

The killings took place after the government declare that the state of emergency is officially over’

Earlier, the Guardian reported that 20 people had been killed by troops.

Reuters reports a cat and mouse game between protest organizers and undercover cops, who scour Internet cafes and monitor Internet traffic in Syria in an attempt to thwart their attempts to rally people against the government. The wire service is also reporting that foreign journalists are being severely restricted, making the task of getting the story out all the more difficult.

Violent clashes continue in Yemen as well, with casualties reported on both sides now, as some opponents to a government that is promising to step down are now armed and firing on pro-regime forces. AFP reports 13 Yemen soldiers dead. The Telegraph reports that forces have turned tear gas, water cannons and guns on protesters – 100 of whom have been killed thus far this year.

President Obama will be meeting next week with the crown prince of the UAE to discuss ways of helping squelch the fervor in Yemen, the Associate Press says.

2 thoughts on “Good Friday massacre in Syria”

  1. Like father like son.

    Perhaps soon Syrian people will overthrow President Bashar al-Assad and The Iranian people will overthrow his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    Hopefully they will soon be playing with Saddam in the afterlife.


  2. It is obvious that something must be done and done very soon in Syria. Personally, I would like to see Obama forget about running for re-election and focus on getting elected President of Syria so he can prove his ideas and ideals really work. Don’t worry, I am sure a birth certificate can be produced. LOL

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