Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Clinton: Peace talks should restart immediately

WASHINGTON – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the Middle East peace talks should begin again and immediately.

Clinton’s remarks came during the first of a series at the State Department called “Conversations on Diplomacy, Moderated by Charlie Rose” on PBS. Also joining in the conversation was former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger who unsuccessfully attempted to broker a peace between the Israelis and Palestinians during the Nixon and Ford administrations.

Returning to the bargaining table, Clinton said, “is in the best interest of both the Israelis and the Palestinians.”

The comments come against the backdrop of attempts by the Palestinians to impose a unilateral declaration of a state. Something Clinton declared the United States opposes.

“We do not support any unilateral effort by the Palestinians to go to the United Nations to try to obtain some authorization or approval vote with respect to statehood,” she said, “because we think we can only achieve the two-state solution that we strongly advocate through negotiation.”

The comment suggests the U.S. would veto at the UN Security Council any resolution unilaterally declaring a Palestinian state.

One thought on “Clinton: Peace talks should restart immediately”

  1. I have been watching the Israeli – Palestinian dance for over 30 years now and here is the pattern I have seen as an outsider from Canada.

    1) Every president seems obsessed with making their place in history trying to broker some sort of agreement.

    2) Every time there is some sort of agreement signed you can bet that shortly after there will be terror attacks on Israel to make sure the deal cannot stand.

    Even before the first talks with the Obama administration on peace talks started 4 Jews were killed to make a statement.

    I say do not have or force talks until there is good reason to expect success otherwise people will die for nothing.


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