Muslim group opposes Jewish night at ballpark

Jewish player Craig Breslow of the Oakland A's/By Natalie Litz

The Council on American Islamic Relations is opposing a decision by the Oakland A’s to host a Jewish night at the ballpark, USA Today is reporting.

Apparently the Muslim group finds the idea offsetting to some of its members.

It’s not so unusual for Major League Baseball teams to host religious or ethnic nights. And theme parks, such as Six Flags in New Jersey, have for several years now hosted Muslim days.

One thought on “Muslim group opposes Jewish night at ballpark”

  1. As long as the Oakland A’s are amenable to hosting a Muslim night or a night focused on a specific ethnic group or nationality that is predominantly Muslim, they shouldn’t have a problem. There would be a problem if access weren’t equal, but I don’t think they’ve contended that they’ve been denied an analogous request.

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