Hamas: UN Gaza report biased in Israel’s favor

UN in Gaza

It’s not only Israel that has taken issue with the UN Human Right’s Council’s report into possible war crimes committed in Gaza last summer for its apparent slant.

Hamas on Monday panned the council’s report into last summer’s 50-day conflict in Gaza, calling the report’s conclusions “clearly biased” in Israel’s favor. Click here to read the story.

UN: Syrian fighting could cause truce with Israel to collapse


The UN Security Council on Tuesday condemned the fighting and use of heavy weapons by Syrian armed forces and opposition fighters in the area that has separated Syrian and Israel forces since 1974.

A resolution co-sponsored by Russia and the United States and adopted unanimously by the council on Monday called on parties to the Syrian conflict to halt all military action in the area of separation. It warned that military activities in the zone could escalate Syrian-Israeli tensions. Click here to read the story.

Telecommunications giant Orange is leaving Israel after all


Orange’s Israeli brand licensee Partner Communications will cease to use the Orange name within 24 months, the two sides announced Tuesday. Partner had previously been expected to use the Orange name until 2025.

The new agreement stipulates that Orange will pay up to €90 million to Partner, a sizable chunk of which will be used to help Partner rebrand itself in the wake of Orange’s departure. Click here to read the story.

United Church of Christ votes to divest itself of Israel

United Church of Christ

The United Church of Christ has voted to divest from companies with business in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

The Ohio-based denomination endorsed the action on a vote of 508-124 with 38 abstentions during a national meeting in Cleveland.

The liberal Protestant group is the latest to take such action. Last year, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) voted to sell stock in a few companies whose products are used by Israel in the territories. Click here to read the story.

Photo by unitedchurchofchrist


Iran nuke talks extended until July 7


The U.S. delegation to the nuclear negotiations with Iran in Vienna announced Tuesday that the terms of the interim deal set earlier this year would remain in place for another week, to allow an extension of the talks on a comprehensive agreement until July 7.

Iran and the world powers were meant to have reached a final agreement by June 30, but it became clear over the last few days that the talks would be extended. Click here to read the story


Jindal: A deal with Iran could start a Middle East nuke arms race


Republican presidential aspirant Bobby Jindal has asked his fellow Republican leadership in the Congress to reject a nuclear deal with Iran, saying any such deal could start arms race in the Middle East.

“One, they should absolutely reject it (nuclear deal). Congress made a huge mistake in the bill they passed giving away some of their oversight authority,” Jindal told Fox News. Click here to read the story.

Hamas leader: Indirect talks underway

Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of Hamas’s leaders in the West Bank, confirmed that Israel and the Gaza-ruling Palestinian terrorist group are in the midst of negotiations through mediators.

Upon his recent release from Israeli prison, Yousef told Channel 1 journalist Yoram Cohen that Hamas and Israel are trying to work out a deal for a long-term truce. Click here to read the story.

Israeli border patrol cop injured in Palestinian attack

An Israeli border policewoman was seriously wounded on Monday morning when she was stabbed by a Palestinian woman at Rachel’s Crossing, the main transit point between Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

The attacker was arrested at the scene and brought in for questioning. Three knives were found in her possession. The policewoman, who was stabbed in the neck, was transported to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital for medical treatment. Click here to read the story.